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Big Birthday by Kate Hosford

on March 20, 2012

Big Birthday by Kate Hosford is a peppy, fun sequel to Big Bouffant that kids are sure to love! A creative young girl named Annabelle is tired of BORING birthdays at the zoo! (She emphasizes this by “yawning at the monkeys and the baby kangaroo.”) She wants something new and different this year…maybe like…a birthday ON THE MOON!? See how her crazy outer-space birthday bash turns out in Big Birthday! 🙂

About The Author
The author, Miss Kate Hosford, the author of Big Bouffant and Big Birthday, is a children’s book author from New York. When she was younger, she would experiment with different hairstyles for fun–which lead to later to writing a story about a unique little girl named Annabelle who wanted a rare bouffant hairstyle! Ms. Hosford is coming out with another book, too: Infinity and Me. To learn more about her, visit

My Opinion
The book was delightful and showed that you can use your imagination for anything! Annabelle isn’t an ordinary girl, which is something children can learn from–be yourself! I loved the beautifully crafty, colorful, and childlike illustrations–they really went with the lively plot of the book! However, when I started reading the eBook the pictures were taking a very long time to load on the iPad. I also noticed that, in some areas of the story, the words’ rhyme and rhythm seemed to stop flowing correctly, for example:

“They hired and astronaut,

Experienced and smart,

Who rented them a rocket ship,

Guaranteed to start.

They shot into space

With gravity pulling on everyone’s face.”

 The last sentence doesn’t flow. Otherwise from a few areas that didn’t flow, the story was great!

**I received a copy of this eBook for free from Lerner Publishing Group through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation.**


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