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Samoaddicted: The Story of Fifteen Samoas

on May 9, 2012

It’s a beautiful sound unless it’s the breaking of a bone. (I like my complete skeleton, thank you very much.) In this case, it’s something a LOT better breaking in half.
A cookie.
But not just any cookie. A savory cookie, a delicious cookie, a delectable one. A beautiful creation, with a wafer hidden deep inside the layers of sweet caramel and coconut sprinkles, drenched with chocolate in a candy cane stripe style and a veil of fudge on its underside. With just the right amount of crunch.
It’s not crunchy anymore though.
It’s melting…in my mouth. And even though I would rather just chew it up, I save this one. First I feel the luscious taste of melted, sweet milk chocolate draping my tongue…oh, now it’s the caramel layer…my favorite candy covers my mouth!…But now I experience the exotic delight of the coconut sprinkles! The wafer…meh, not so much.
And it’s the end of the cookie.
Until I grab another. And another. And another. Just one more…wouldn’t hurt to have one more, or maybe two. Before I finish my homework, I might have one—or a few more, and my last one for today—no, maybe just a few more…two left…I’ll have to save one of them for later—oh, it’s okay, I’ll order more cookies—so I’ll just have—
Darn! It’s all gone!
Girl Scout Cookie season is over. My Samoas. GONE.


you, samoas!


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