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Starring Jules #1: Starring Jules (as herself)

on February 14, 2013


Starring Jules #1: Starring Jules (As Herself) by Beth Ain is a cute and fun read for kids! Jules Bloom is a fun, spunky girl that has just broken her friendship with the fancy-pants Charlotte Pinkerton, and she’s trying to let another bloom with the new girl, Elinor…BUT, along the way, Jules is selected to be in a mouthwash commercial because she has “pizzazz,” as superstar Colby Kingston says. She’s really excited, until it turns out that the mouthwash is orange flavored–which is puke flavor in Jules’ mind! Will Elinor and Jules be BFFs like she imagined? And will she flunk the commercial just because of the flavor?


“I was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania. (Yes, that Hershey—the one with all the chocolate!) But then my family moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania where I got to grow up across the street from my best friend, ride bikes after school, and get wet to my ankles in the creek in my neighborhood, trying to save frogs from being swept away. Then some things like junior high and high school happened and I was a cheerleader and a soccer player and a math-homework-avoider and a soap-opera watcher and an inventor of crazy-delicious after school snacks, and I was all kinds of other junior high and high school things. And then, I was lucky enough to go away to college, near the great city of Boston, Massachusetts where I learned a lot and met loads of interesting people and where I made very good friends with a lot of people from New York who dragged me back to New York City with them and well, that was the end of that.” (from


This book is really fun! It kind of reminds me of Junie B. Jones–but I’m not saying the author is copying, I’m pointing out that this should become a hit too. 🙂 This really sounds like Jules is real!–well, actually, she IS based on Ms. Ain’s daughter Grace, which makes it even better. I love the fact that Jules is going to be famous–I mean, who doesn’t want to read about a child star?! I just know all the younger girls are going to LOVE this! 😀 (Plus the fact that there…just isn’t a bad Scholastic book. That’s just not possible.)

★★★★ 4/5 stars!

**I received a copy of this eBook for free from Scholastic through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation.**


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