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The Magic Flyswatter: A Superhero Tale of Africa retold by Aaron Shepard

on February 24, 2013

Surprise book review!! 😀


“I am Mwindo,

the one born walking,

the one born talking.

My father She-Mwindo does not want me.

My father the chief wants to kill me.

But what can he do against me?”


Just before his wives became pregnant, African chief She-Mwindo had said that if any of his children was a boy, then they would be killed, for when it comes to wedding expenses, only the groom’s family would have to pay for everything. Soon, six of his seven wives give birth on the same day–and luckily, they were all girls. When the seventh child, Mwindo, was born, he did not want to be killed. Mwindo chanted the song (see above) and could not be killed by his father! Later, because his father could not get rid of the boy, Mwindo was sent up the river. After being raised by his aunt Iyangura, Mwindo wants revenge–can he make his father get what he deserved?

This book is a folktale, and it was retold by Aaron Shepard. The original author is unknown.


I found this book very amusing and even a bit funny at times–I don’t know if it was made to be funny or not, but I personally thought that the story was, a bit. 😉 I also think the ending is very sweet–it’s not what you think it will be! My new favorite folktale!! ❤

★★★★ 5/5 stars!


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