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Who Was Harriet Tubman? by Yona Zeldis McDonough

on February 25, 2013


Who Was Harriet Tubman? by Yona Zeldis McDonough is a great African-American history book for kids! Harriet Tubman, born Araminta “Minty” Harriet Ross, was probably one of the bravest African-American women of her time! After being a cruelly treated slave for a long while, she decides that she has had enough, and she ran up to the north. When Harriet got there, though, she realized–she was the only one. No one she knew was there–she was alone. So…being the courageous woman she was, Harriet went back down to the South. She knew other people needed her help. Did Harriet survive the journey?


“As a student at Vassar College, I never once took a writing course. I was not accepted into the poetry workshop I applied to, so I avoided all other writing classes, and instead focused on literature, language and art history, which was my declared major. I was so taken with the field that I decided to pursue my studies on a graduate level. I enrolled in a PhD program at Columbia University where I have to confess that I was miserable. I didn’t like the teachers, the students or the classes. I found graduate school the antithesis of undergraduate education; while the latter encouraged experimentation, growth, expansion, the former seemed to demand a kind of narrowing of focus and a rigidity that was simply at odds with my soul. It was like business school without the reward of a well-paying job at the end.” (piece of Yona Zeldis Mc Donough’s biogragraphy @



I really like how this book is nonfiction and it’s interesting too! Most nonfiction books don’t really seem that interesting to me, but this book was more like a story. This series is great for all ages! I also thought that some of the parts of the book were kind of sad, but not too sad for younger children to handle. I can’t wait to read more of the “Who Was” series–plus I love learning about black history!


Who was Harriet Tubman? Well, now I know. 🙂

★ 4/5 stars!


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